Resurrection: No Film at Eleven

The quiet moments.  There aren’t many of them when you have a house full of little kids, but those moments are the best.  You know, those times when the kids are completely still and silent – and then you wake up. Okay, there are actually some quiet moments when everyone is awake. 

Nothing beats the early morning, when the kids are still in their footie pajamas and yawning the day into existence.  They are calm and peaceful and make me wonder who broke in during the night and kidnapped my children. 

I’m sure it’s just as tranquil in the middle of night, but I’m too busy sleeping to notice anything.  In the still of the morning, you notice everything. Prism rainbows, reflecting from the sunlight onto the walls.  The lone ant, somehow separated from his tour group, trekking across the hardwood floor. 

Jesus enjoyed the bliss of such serenity  when he was resurrected from the dead.  For such a momentous occasion, you might expect a huge fanfare.  But there was no parade, no marching band, not even so much as a pan flute.  I would have even settled for a glockenspiel. Instead, when women showed up at his tomb so early in the morning that it was still dark, Jesus had already risen.

For that thrilling moment when Jesus first rose from the dead, he had no one to share it with but His Father.  Another humble beginning for the most humble man of all time.  It must have been dark and quiet, but what a moment it must have been when he saw God’s plan come to pass.  He died in painful agony hanging on a cross, but opened his eyes to eternal glory.

If the resurrection happened in today’s world, all of the network news crews would have been on the scene.  The moment would have been captured on film, an instant viral hit on the internet.  A press conference would have been held, during which reporters could ask idiotic questions.  So, how does it feel to be alive?

But then there would be no need for faith.

When Jesus first appeared  to his disciples in his resurrected body, Thomas was absent.  Where was he?  What was so important that he was the only one not there?  That’s like winning an Oscar and being in the bathroom when they call your name.  Was he out getting the coffee? Was it an errand? Here the poor guy comes strolling in from a trip to Home Depot, only to hear everyone say, “You missed it!  Jesus is alive and he came to visit us!” 

Even with the other eyewitnesses, Thomas did not believe that Jesus was alive, and was forever dubbed “Doubting Thomas.”  He remarked, “Unless I see the nail marks in his hands and put my finger where the nails were, and put my hand into his side, I will not believe it” (John 20:25).

How much fun it must have been for Jesus when he came through the locked doors and appeared before Thomas.  He could have really rubbed it in.  Can you see me now?  Instead, Jesus lovingly allowed Thomas to touch the nail marks.  With the physical evidence before him, Thomas finally believed.  Jesus told him:

John 20:29  “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”

Even though there was no film at eleven, we can believe.  Jesus came into this world and went out of it in a humble, unassuming fashion.  Only when he returns will there be any fanfare.  I long for that day, when he will finally get the celebration he deserves. 


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